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        船舶通訊導航設備FURUNO VHF FM-8800S 

        FM-8800S VHF/DSC OF FURUNO

          Product Details    
        Power Output Power Use
        25 W 24 VDC

        FURUNO FM-8800S is a high quality, all-in-one marine VHF radiotelephone designed to comply with the GMDSS carriage requirements for safety and general communications. All the necessary functions such as a 25 W VHF radiotelephone, a Class A DSC modem and a CH 70 Watch Receiver are incorporated into the compact transceiver unit.

        The FM-8800S offers simplex/semi-duplex voice communications with high sound quality thanks to its speaker designed to lower the strain. Operators are allowed to conduct communication clearly at any situation. For easy readout of a selected channel, the silver-bright LCD is placed on the front panel indicates the channel numbers with large and easy-to-read characters. Selected channel is easily made with the dedicated rotary control or numeric keys. Other standard features are instant access to CH 16, telephone call via a PSTN, Dual Watch and Multiple Watch functions, which allow watch on CH 16 and other selected channels.

        Full Class A DSC functions are provided for distress alert transmission and reception, as well as the general DSC communications including Individual Telephone, All Ships, Group and Area Call. The FM-8800S maintains a continual watch on CH 70 even while you are using another VHF channel. Upon receiving an incoming DSC message, the FM-8800S gives aural and visual alarms.

        ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System) is standard fitted for use in European inland waterways. It automatically transmits the ID number when a communication is over or every 5 min while in communication. The ATIS mode and DSC mode are selectable through the menu.

        The FM-8800S has two types of handsets: a compact hand MIC and a stylish handset. Up to four handsets can be additionally connected via an optional junction box . Each handset also functions as an intercom for onboard communication.

        The compact transceiver unit allows a flexible and space-saving installation on a navigation console or the conning position. Flush mount installation is also available.

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