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        船舶通訊導航 FURUNO 電子海圖接收機 FEA-2107 

        ECDIS    FEA-2107/2807  
        E lectronic C hart D isplay and I nformation S ystem
        1: The electronic chart can be overlaid with a variety of navigation data such as Radar echo images, ship's position, heading, speed and others to facilitate safe and efficient navigation.
        2: Compatible with ENC (S57 Edition 3) charts, ARCS charts and C-MAP CM93 ed3 (available in the near future)
        3: Complies with the following IMO and IEC regulations: IMO A.817(19), IMO MSC.64(67) Annex 5, IMO MSC.86(70) Annex 4, IMO A.694(17), IEC 61174 edition 2, IEC 60945 edition 4, IEC 61162-1 edition 2, IEC 61162-2 edition 1
        4: Flexible expandability allows the ECDIS to be networked with radar/ARPA, positioning equipment, autopilot and others to consolidate the navigation system
        5: Displays 200 AIS targets
        6: High-resolution color LCD
        7: Ergonomically designed control panel provides ease-of-use
        8: Streamlined design
        9: User-customizable chart drawing function
        10: Navigation data for the past 12 hours can be recorded
        11: Track Control System when connected with autopilot (Option)
        12: True Motion and Relative Motion modes are available
        13: Navigation data is shared within an Ethernet network


        DISPLAY :      ( FEA-2107  :  20.1" COLOR  LCD ) 
                              ( FEA-2807 :  23.1" COLOR  LCD )
        USABLE CHARTS  : IHO/S-57 v.3, ARCS, C-MAP CM93 ed3

        Standards : IMO MSC.232(82), IEC 61174 ed3
        Display Unit :
        -  FEA-2107: MU-201CE, 20.1" color LCD, SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels)
        -  FEA-2807: MU-231CE, 23.1" color LCD, UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels)
        Operating System : Windows XP
        Usable Charts : IHO/S-57 ed3 vector chart, ARCS raster chart,
                                 C-MAP CM93 ed3, C-MAP CM-ENC
        Presentation Modes : True/Relative Motion Noth-up,
                                           True/Relative Motion Course-up
                                           Relative Motion Route-up
        Display of data
        -  Own ship : Position, SOG, COG, Heading
        -  Route : Planned route, Monitoring route
        -  ARPA targets : Range, Bearing, Speed, Course, CPA and TCPA
        -  Others : EBL, VRM, Parallel index line, Cursor position, Navigation
                         and pilot data notebook
        -  Route : more than 100 routes
        -  Waypoints : 200 waypoints/route
        Voyage Calculation : The following data can be calculated
                                         Range/Bearing to destination, TTG, ETA, Fuel consumption
        Route Navigation Monitoring : Off track, Waypoint, Arrival, Grounding, Depth
        Alarms : Off track, Channel limit, Waypoint approach, Depth
        Other Functions : Night/day presentation colors, ARPA target display, Radar overlay, 
                                    User chart function, Position optimization, MOB, Log book,
                                    Pilot data function,
                                    Track control system (TCS)*      
                                    * Please contact the local dealers in your area for details.

        -  AIS : IEC 61162-2 (ABM, BBM)
        -  Radar signal : Ethernet 100 Base-TX or RAW Video
        -  Gyrocompass : IEC 61162-1 (HDT) or Synchro
        -  SDME (Speed log) : IEC 61162-1 (VBW) or Pulse type
        -  EPFS : IEC 61162-1 (GLL, GGA, VTG, ZDA, DTM)
        -  Echo Sounder : I EC 61162-1 (DBT, DPT)
        -  Anemometer : I EC 61162-1 (MWV)
        -  Water temp Indicator : IEC 61162-1 (MTW)
        -  Current Indicator : IEC 61162-1 (VDR)
        -  Alarms : Relay output
        -  Printer : Parallel

        Power Supply
        -  Display Unit : 100 - 230 VAC , 50/60 Hz
        -  Processor Unit : 100 - 230 VAC, 1 ?, 50/60 Hz
        -  LAN Adapter : 24 VDC
        -  B Adapter : 24 VDC

        Environment (IEC 60945 test method)
        All Units : -15°C  to  +55°C

        Equipment List
        1. Display Unit 
            FEA-2107: MU201CE,
            FEA-2807: MU-231CE     1 unit
        2. Control Head RCU-018 or 
            Trackball Control Unit RCU-015 (Specify when ordering)  
        1 unit
        3. Processor Unit EC-1000C   
        1 unit
        4. LAN Adapter EC-1010    1 unit
        5. Power Supply Cable for Processor Unit, 1.5 m   
        1 pc
        6. Power Supply Cable for Display Unit, 1.5 m   
        1 pc
        7. DVI Cable between Display Unit and Processor Unit, 5 m   
        1 pc
        8. Cable between Control Unit and Processor Unit, 10 m    1 pc
        9. LAN Cable, 2 m    
        1 pc
        10. Standard Spare Parts and Installation Materials  
          1 set
        1. LAN Adapter   EC-1010
        2. B Adapter   EC-1020   for equipment with analog interface
        3. Remote Control Unit   RCU-016
        4. Cable between Control Unit and
            Remote Control Unit 03S9610, 1.5/10/20/30 m
        5. Hub   HUB-100
        6. Radar Overlay Kit for   FAR-21x5 series   and   FAR-28x5 series
        7. Video Card for Conning Display Unit
        8. Cable between Control Unit and Processor Unit, 20/30 m
        9. DVI Cable between Display Unit and Processor Unit, 10 m
        10. Armored LAN Cable   OP03-186-10/20/30
        11. Printer   PP-510
        12. USB-Parallel Printer Cable for PP-510
        13. Hand Grip
        14. Bracket
        15. Connection Stand
        16. Pedestal slim/standard Type
        Obtain critical navigation information on a state-of-the-art ECDIS
        for safe and efficient travels
        -  The FEA-2107 and FEA-2807 are FURUNO°Os new ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System), which have been designed to fully comply with the latest standards and resolutions set bIMO, IHO and IEC. The electronic chart is compatible with ENC (S57 Edition 3) charts, C-Map CM93 ed3, C- MAP CM-ENC and ARCS charts (RASTER CHARTS). Where the ENC chart is not available, the ARCS chart is used instead. Instant conversion is assured, as both chart databases are stored  on the ECDIS memory.
        -  State-of-the-art technology has been utilized for high-speed stress-free data processing of chart and navigational data, which are overlaid on the chart. The navigational data includes: AIS and ARPA targets as well as a variety of other navigation information such as position, course, and speed. In the presentation of chart data, faster chart drawing and swift switching for presentation on/off of navigational data can be performed. When planning the voyage route, this gives quick route profile calculation and voyage optimization and continuous monitoring of
        huge navigational data, user actions and performance of the system.
        -  The FEA-2107/2807 can be interfaced with up to four sets of radar/ARPA FAR-21x7/28x7 by using of 100 Base-T Ethernet network. This allows high-speed data transfer and  data sharing for navigational data within the network, which simplifies the system integration and the expandability of the system. The shared data can be accepted in both serial and analog format.
        -  For the display units, the FEA-2107 uses a 20.1" SXGA LCD and the FEA-2807 uses a 23.1" UXGA LCD. These high-resolution units provide clear and sharp pictures for comfortable observation. The presentation colors can be selectable from five patterns according to the ambient conditions of the  bridge area for optimal viewing around  the clock. The ergonomically designed control panel  consisting of a keyboard, the trackball, thumbwheel and  mouse buttons facilitates intuitive and comfortable operation.


        Compatible with ENC (S57 Edition 3) charts,
        ARCS charts, and C-MAP CM93 edition 3 and C-MAP CM-ENC
        Radar/Navigation Data Overlay
        The electronic chart can be overlaid with a variety of navigation data such as radar echo images, ship's position, heading, speed and others to facilitate safe and efficient vessel operation.
        Radar Overlay
        Radar echo image overlay is available in the FEA-2107/2807. This function gives the exact match in scale and presentation of the chart and radar echo image. This greatly helps the operators' observation and their accuracy.
        Radar overlay dialog box
        Operators can have controls over adjustment of the radar image: gain, sea/rain clutter, radar echo trail setting, interference rejector, echo stretch and noise rejector controls.
        Navigation Data Overlay
        Wide Network/Interface Option Delivers Flexible System Construction
        Flexible expandability allows the ECDIS to be networked with ARPA Radar, positioning equipment, autopilot and others to consolidate the navigation system. The 100 Base-TX Ethernet is utilized to link the FEA-2107/2807 with up to four sets of FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR-21x7/28x7 series. This link gives high-speed and stable navigation data sharing within the network and gives option in building up a variety of navigation system from a single station through complete Integrated Navigation System (INS).
        Track Control System
        Track Control System Permits Automatic Steering along the Set Route
        VOYAGER features Track Control System through combination of ECDIS and autopilot. This Track Control System enables the vessel to keep on the plotted route automatically with minimum participation of a navigator. This has been achieved with help of flexible steering control together with route-planning on ECDIS in minute details. Moreover, area data for possible danger as well as important warning for navigation can be registered in the system. Important information can be displayed before the vessel reaches certain areas.
        Comprehensive Route Planning and Route Planning
        The operators can plan and determine the route of the ship through studying the comprehensive chart data presented on the ECDIS screen. A route can be altered in minute detail, and the changed route can be saved for later use.
        Data Display
        Navigation information including own ship and other ships can be presented in the data cell. When the cursor is placed upon any mark on the chart screen, the information about the objects such as buoys, lighthouses, sunken ships, etc., will also be shown in the data cell.
        AIS Display
        When connected to AIS, the FEA-2107/2807 can store the information about up to 1,000 AIS targets in its storage buffer and displays up to 200 AIS targets within the operator-set range on a display. This helps operators enhance their situational awareness around own ship.
        This function notifies the operator of shallow water and other sea conditions that may lead ship to go aground. The information about the sea areas is acquired from the electronic chart and ship's draft data is preset in own ship information so that possible strand can be avoided.
        Stress-free operation with versatile control units
        The control head has logically arranged operation scheme through a combination of push keys and a trackball. Well-organized menus ensure that all operations can be performed with a trackball.

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